Enterprise Systems Development

Our principals have extensive experience in architecting, designing and implementing distributed enterprise solutions and web-based applications. Our approach is architecture-centric and considers systems’ non-functional requirements when making architecture and design decisions in order to choose the best solution. Through our dozens of successful engagements, we’ve developed a solid methodology for software development, based on a few core concepts:

  • Technologies and requirements inevitably change, so software must be built in a modular manner, allowing components to be easily replaced;
  • Success is defined by the system’s performance (not just its functionality); so to the extent practical, we create automated solutions to avoid error and facilitate frequent testing; and
  • There is no single process that works best in every case; our pragmatic approach allows development to follow iterative, agile and other commonly used methods as required by the client or the nature of the work.

With special strengths in advanced financial and Web-based applications, we can serve valuable roles throughout the process. For example, we can help establish specifications and retool and improve the development process itself - using the approach that makes most sense for the organization and the job at hand.

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