Enabling Rapid Transformation

A major government contractor was attempting to use object-oriented analysis and design methods on a medium-sized Java development effort with a team that had not worked on similar projects before. They were having difficulty making the transition quickly, and the project was on a tight schedule.

Elemental Solutions prepared training classes on how to write Use Cases as well as how to use UML to model various static and dynamic aspects of the Web application. In addition, we provided a reference architecture for the team, and showed them how and where to add their business logic. Our architecture was built around current best practices and design patterns for Java Web applications, and included an early version of a model-view-controller framework, a transaction framework and a security framework that provided both role-based access control and compartmentalized access to data based on agency affiliation.

The client’s developers quickly began using basic OOA and OOD techniques as well as implementing Java code within the provided framework. The team became more productive and the application was eventually placed into production.

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