The Elemental Difference

At Elemental Solutions, we created our organization to fill a critical gap in the information technology marketplace. Our business model is based on a core set of beliefs and values that set us apart - and that provide our clients with a unique combination of benefits:

  • We're a technology firm, but we're more focused on business goals and issues - so we rarely favor a particular technology or vendor for its own sake;
  • We emphasize creating powerful but modular solutions : so when a new technology comes along that better meets a need, it's easy to swap out the old for the better;
  • We're great at sweating the details in our technology solutions, but we don't let that prevent us from thinking holistically about the mission and seeing the big picture;
  • We succeed by being a unique information technology company - one that's as skilled at developing code and managing your enterprise as assessing talent and locating the ideal candidate for a client; and validation.
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