High Stakes Rebuild

A major contractor serving a Cabinet-level client agency was developing a new loan verification application for financial institutions. For unknown reasons, however, the contractor could only make the application work on one developer’s laptop. This was frustrating enough; but the contractor also had a major proposal under review with the agency to implement a similar project on a much larger scale.

Elemental Solutions conducted an architectural assessment ranging from the operating system to application and system code, and we found multiple issues. Starting at the lowest level, we reinstalled the OS on the application server; reinstalled the storage unit, application server and middleware; and properly configured a plug-in for the Web server. Then we worked with application staff to create a build script to deploy the application properly.

Within six weeks, the new application was up and running reliably. For our client, it was a small project with major ramifications — if they had not been able to deliver on this, it would have significantly jeopardized their chance to win the much bigger piece of business.

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