Independent Verification & Validation

We serve a vital quality management role for many clients by conducting Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) of their software and systems development projects. Our approach to IV&V provides a reliable way to ensure that projects are designed to meet the requirements of the customer, and that they are built according to plan using sound practices. Our services include:

  • Consultancy and test management;
  • Application delivery and performance management;
  • Review of life-cycle services from concept to design, development and implementation, as well as documentation and training;
  • Analysis of enterprise and business applications; and
  • Review of information assurance policies and security controls and their implementation.

Unlike most companies, we go far beyond mere IV&V compliance checks. Because we also have extensive first-hand experience in designing and building each of the products and systems we assess, we’re able to provide more meaningful analysis — as well as realistic recommendations for addressing any issues or problems we may uncover. As a result, we’re better positioned to help organizations ensure that their new applications and systems meet user needs, conform to industry standards and reduce unnecessary costs.

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