Strategic Staffing

Our clients often require our expertise on specific projects : and at other times, they want to deploy our expertise under their own direction to meet ongoing needs. For this reason, we have developed dedicated internal capabilities to provide longer-term, technical staffing solutions.

Because we're focused on strategic staffing within our core areas of expertise, we bring a technical perspective to the prescreening process lacking in many traditional staffing firms. At the same time, unlike technology firms that offer staffing as an afterthought, we have dedicated internal professional staff who look beyond acronyms and job titles to select only the most qualified candidates. As a result, we offer:

  • A broad and growing database of the most qualified candidates in each of our core areas of expertise;
  • Pre-screening services for unique technical requirements, upon request, to increase the efficiency and speed of our clients' hiring processes; and
  • Flexible, tailor-made hiring solutions for both our candidates and clients.

In short, we've built a better mousetrap: the technical expertise needed to offer stronger prescreened candidates than the typical staffing company, and the dedicated internal staffing resources missing in most technical companies.Please see our Technical Capabilities, or call us at 301.571.2409 to discuss your specific needs.

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